TNePDS – Download Telangana T-Ration Mobile App (Android)

September 8, 2017 | Last Modified: September 9, 2017 at 11:13 am

T-Ration Mobile App is a newly developed android mobile application by CCS and NIC for making transparency in Telangana State Public Distribution System (Telangana ePDS). T-Ration App (Telangana App) is providing two types of services including G2C (Government to Customer) and G2G (Government to Government). Telangana T-Ration will provide all the details to individual beneficiary about National Food Security Cards (NFSC), Food Security Card (FSC) application details, Stock allocated to Fair Price Shops (FPS) etc.

T-Ration App is available in google play store and by installing it in the android phones, any applicant can use T-Ration App for ration card status and know about their new application for ration card etc.

How to Download Telangana T-Ration App

Official T-Ration app download can be made through google play store and you can follow the steps given below to install the Telangana Ration App.

  • Take your mobile in your hand and go to google play store.
  • Now search Telangana T-Ration app.
  • Here you will see few search results on the screen.
  • Below are some screenshots of the official app.

    T Ration App Telangana Download

    T Ration App Telangana Download

  • Now click on Install button.
    Dwnload T-Ration App
  • T-Ration mobile app will soon available on

After completion of installation you can use T-ration app for following services given below:

T-Ration – G2C Services

  • FSC Search
  • RC (Ration Card) Allocation
  • RC (Ration Card) Transaction
  • Current Stock at FPS
  • FPS Allocation
  • RO Status by FPS
  • RO Status by RO Number
  • FPS Locations

T-Ration – G2G Services

  • Application Status Report
  • Card Units Report
  • Seeding Report
  • DKR Report
  • ePoS Sale
  • MeeSeva status
  • MLS Stock Position
  • Godown Stock Position
  • MLS Stock Receipts
  • MLS Stock Issues
  • Godown Stock Receipts
  • Godown Stock Issues

By using T-Ration mobile app, the ration card holder can check the application status of ration card, stock available in go downs, loading and unloading details.