KCR Inaugurates 369 Houses Under Telangana 2BHK Scheme at IDH Colony

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Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme: On Monday, 16 November 2015, the Chief Minister of Telangana, Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao has inaugurated 369 houses at IDH Colony in the city under the scheme. After inauguration, he said in his statement that the state government has plans to construct 60,000 2BHK houses with title needs for poor.

According to the source, the Centre government is providing single-bedroom houses under their scheme and the Telangana government has decided to provide two-bedroom houses to beneficiaries. The state government has targeted to construct 60,000 houses this year for poor at the cost of Rs. 400 crore.

The CM said that the single-bedroom are as inadequate and sub-standard and further he added that the state government’s scheme for the poor would never include anything less than two-bedroom houses. According to the source, the government has aimed to construct at least 400 houses in each of the 119 constituencies in the state.
“Houses meant for the poor are generally built outside the city. But, we have made it a point that such houses are in the heart of the city,” KCR added in his statement.

As per the information, the houses built at IDH Colony in Secunderabad covers an area of 580 square feet with living room, kitchen, two-bedrooms and an attached bathroom with both Indian and western style commodes.

The inauguration of houses at IDH Colony was scheduled on 20 October, on the eve of Dassehra but the event was postponed since KCR went to Andhra Pradesh to take part in the Amravati capital stone laying ceremony.

Bandaru Dattatreya, the Union Minister of state for Labor, whose LS constituencies comes under IDH Colony said that the housing scheme was historic and needed to be expanded to every part of the state.

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