HUDA New Residential Plot Scheme 2015 in Sector-8, 9 Dadri

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Haryana Urban Development Authority invites applications for the allotment of freehold residential plots in sector-8 and 9 in Dadri under its new residential plot scheme 2015. The advertisement for the scheme was published in a newspaper on 9 August 2015. The registrations for HUDA Dadri Plot Scheme 2015 has been started from today.

Under the scheme, a total of 524 plots are available for registration at sector-8 and 9. Out of total, 297 plots are located in sector-9 while remaining 227 units are available in sector-8. These plots are situated in urban estate of Dadri with provision of quality infrastructure and public utility services.

The price of plots in Dadri Sector-8 and 9 starts from Rs. 13,500/- per square meter and goes upto Rs. 16,500/-. The 10% of the total cost of the plot will required to be deposited along with the application forms as earnest money deposit. If the applicant is allotted a plot through the lucky draw, he/she will have to pay 15% of the amount within the 30 days of the allotment and rest amount can be paid in 6 equal EMI’s.

The last date of application form submission is 15 October.

HUDA Dadri Plot Scheme 2015 – Details of Plots

Size Plot Code No. of Plots Rate Per Sq.Mt. Earnest Money
1 Kanal 1.00 K 16 16,500/- 7,42,500/-
14 Marla 14.0 M 26 15,000/- 4,86,000/-
10 Marla 10.0 M 49 15,000/- 3,30,800/-
8 Marla 8.00 M 55 15,000/- 2,43,000/-
6 Marla 6.00 M 52 13,500/- 1,82,300/-
4 Marla 4.00 M 29 13,500/- 1,21,500/-

Details of Plots in Sector 9

Size Plot Code Rate Per Sq. Mt. Earnest Money Number of Plots
1 Kanal 1.00 K 16,500/- 7,42,500/- 14
14 Marla 14.0 M 15,000/- 4,86,000/- 43
10 Marla 10.0 M 15,000/- 3,30,800/- 45
8 Marla 8.00 M 15,000/- 2,43,000/- 88
6 Marla 6.00 M 13,500/- 1,82,300/- 52
4 Marla 4.00 M 13,500/- 1,21,500/- 55

How to apply for HUDA Dadri Plot Scheme 2015:

Applications for the allotment of plots are being invited through online mode of registration which can be done by using the official website of Haryana Urban Development Authority.

Application forms can be submitted online only on HUDA website. Payment of the earnest money can also be deposited in the authorized banks by downloading the Challan Form. Non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 500/- shall also have to be deposited along with the earnest money.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any applicant above the age of 18 years should be eligible for the scheme.
  • An individual shall be eligible to make only one application in this scheme (either in sector 8 or sector 9). In case more than one application is made by an individual, all the applications will be rejected and a deduction of Rs. 1,000/- per application shall be made from earnest money as processing charges.
  • An individual, who has ever been allotted a plot by HUDA in Urban Estate, Dadri shall not be entitled to apply under this scheme.
  • Applicant applying under reserved category must be a domicile of Haryana.

The earnest money to be submitted in the bank branches and the list of bank branches can be accessed by using the link below:
List of Bank Branches
List of Bank Branches for HUDA Dadri Plot Scheme 2015

Payment Terms:

    • Only such applications shall be deemed to be valid as are accompanied by specified earnest money.
    • The applicant shall, unless he/she refuses to accept the allotment within 30 days, from the date of issue of allotment letter, deposit with the Estate Officer, HUDA, Bhiwani within that period, 15% of the tentative sale price, or such other amount which together with the earnest money is equal to atleast 25% of the tentative sale price of the site. In case of failure to deposit the said amount within 30 days, the applicant can seek further extension on payment of interest @ 15% p.a. plus surcharge as per HUDA policy (as decided by the Authority from time to time), provided that the request for extension in time limit is received before the expiry of 30 days from the date of issuance of allotment letter. If payment/request for extension of period is not made within 30 days period, the allotment shall be cancelled and the deposit of earnest money, paid with the application forfeited, against which applicant shall have no claim or damages etc.
    • The remaining 75% of the tentative sale price may be paid as under:-

    • Either in lumpsum without any interest within 60 days from the issue of allotment letter, in the form of Bank Draft payable to the Estate Officer, HUDA, Bhiwani. In case balance 75% of the tentative price of the plot is paid in lump-sum within 60 days from the date of issue of allotment letter, a rebate of 5% in the price of plot will be allowed.
    • OR. In six equal annual installments along with interest @ 12% P.A. (a) The first installment shall be payable on the expiry of one year from the issue of allotment letter and (b) interest shall be payable on unpaid amount from the date of offer of possession. The interest @ 15% P.A. (simple) or as decided by the Authority from time to time, shall be payable on the delayed period of installment.
  1. The price is tentative to the extent that any enhancement in the cost of land awarded by the Competent Authority under the Land Acquisition Act shall also be payable proportionately, as determined by the Authority, within 30 days or in such specified period of its demand. Interest @ 15% P.A. (simple) shall be payable on the delayed payment of enhancement.
  2. The land/building shall continue to vest in the Authority until the entire consideration money together with interest and other amount, if any, due to the Authority on account of sale of such land or building or both is paid. The transferee shall have no right to transfer by way of sale, gift, mortgage or otherwise the plot/ building or any right, title or interest therein till the full price is paid to the Authority, except with the prior permission of the Competent Authority.
  3. The plot/building shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which it has been allotted in accordance with the plans approved by the Competent Authority. No obnoxious trade shall be carried out in or on any such land/building.
  4. The Authority will not be responsible for leveling of uneven sites.
  5. The transferee will have to complete the construction within 2 years of the date of offer of possession after getting the plans of the proposed building approved from the Competent Authority in accordance with regulations governing the erection of buildings. The time limit is extendable on payment of prescribed extension fee as per HUDA policy. Otherwise the Plot is liable to be resumed and the whole or part of the money paid, if any, in respect of it, forfeited in accordance with the provision of HUDA Act.
  6. All disputes and difference arising out of or in any way touching upon or concerning this allotment what –so-ever, shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the Chief Administrator or any other officer appointed by him. The decision of such arbitrator shall be final and binding on the concerned parties.
  7. The allotment shall be governed by the HUDA Act, 1977 and the rules & regulations framed there under, as amended from time to time.

Important Dates:
Scheme Starts: 14 August 2015
Scheme Closes: 15 October 2015

Important Links:
Apply Online | Download Brochure | Scheme Advertisement | HUDA Official Website

For more details visit the official website of Haryana Urban Development Authority at

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