Gujarat Takes Lead in Affordable Housing Partnership Scheme

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Taking the housing for all mission forward, Gujarat is already taking lead role in getting approval for affordable housing projects through PPP model under Rajiv Awas Yojna.

Gujarat is leading the way with 10 out of total 21 project approvals by central government in last 3 years under the Affordable Housing Partnership (AHP) scheme. The rest 11 projects are shared by Rajasthan and Karnataka.

Gujarat is the only state which has received approval for such affordable housing projects after the new NDA government took over last year.

The ambitious housing scheme of central government named as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna aims to cater to the housing needs of the 20 million families by the year 2022 through the four verticals of subsidy and financial aid to the eligible home seekers.

However, over the last three years, no housing unit has reached to completion in Gujarat under the AHP scheme but in last 14 months Gujarat seems to have taken the lead by building almost 72 per cent or 17,373 housing units of the total 24,121 under AHP scheme.

The Centre has till now approved Rs. 140 crore or 10 per cent of the total project cost of Rs 1,398 crore. Out of this the government has already released a sum of Rs 55.2 crore for the same.

All the 10 projects in Gujarat has been approved by the NDA led central government which took over last year in May. The estimated cost of these projects is Rs. 1,167 crore out of which funding of 130 crore (over 11 per cent of the project cost) has been approved and Rs 55.2 crore has been released.

Gujarat is developing a total of 17,373 housing units under these 10 affordable housing projects out of which work for 16,151 units is under progress.

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