Ghaziabad Development Authority list of Illegal/Unauthorised Colonies (Revised)

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh | By Rajkumar

Ghaziabad Development Authority is conducted a surveys to identify the unathorized construction/ area/ colonies through the Zonal development plans on bases of that (GDA) has published the revised list of unauthorised colonies in Ghaziabad. GDA has send a revised list of 321 illegal or unathorised colonies in the district to stam and registration department to stop their registration.

The registry of 321 illegal colonies has been banned declared by Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA). The list of illegal colonies on behalf of the administration will be handed over to the Sub-Registrar`s Office. The administration warned that action will be taken after the registration is done.

The list of illegal or unathorised colonies is available at the officially website of Ghaziabad Development Authority. The people are advice to consult GDA before purchasing a plot or flat/house in Ghaziabad Development Area.

GDA Unauthorised/Illegal Colonies List

Download the revised list of unauthorized(Avedh) colonies in Ghaziabad from below link

GDA List of Unauthorized colonies

Unauthorized Construction/Area

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  1. Dear Sir,
    There is any planning in pipeline by GDA for approve unauthorized colonies in upcommimg days?
    If yes then plz. can you provide details?

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