Developement Plan for old PMC Limit 2007-2027 Draft

Maharashtra, Plan Map, Pune | By Rajkumar

Pune Muncipal Corporation limit will be modify for Development Plan 2007-2027. Now Draft plan is available. You can view or download the Map.

Developement Plan for old PMC Limit 2007-2027 Draft
Developement Plan for old PMC Limit 2007-2027 Draft

One comment on “Developement Plan for old PMC Limit 2007-2027 Draft

  1. This is regarding to development plan for future in Maharashtra up to 2027 following points to be noted.
    A. New challenges of population.1.Town Area 2. City Area.
    B. What will be challenges in front of Maharashtra government up to 2027.
    1. Farmer sector,Job sector,Industries,Educational,Roads & Infrastructure including disaster management systems & Water storage for the town area.
    2. For City area, Infrastructure,Jobs,Residential,Water,Transportation by Road,Metro,Rail,by Air, Civil& Social services requirement. Current population in the city area and planning for future up to 2027 + 2035.Also new challenges.
    B. The Town planning department is having good and broad thinking knowledgeable staff how to make new plan to accept the new challenges up to year 2027.
    C. After 20/30 years the petrol product and Vehicle will be stop, your planning should be on Rail/Electrical transportation services require for future generation so instead of wasting money on Roads infrastructure, planned for Electronic transportation system, for future requirement.
    D. The cultivated land also will also reduced, the cold storage requirement will be increased for foods and vegetables.
    E. Educational policy, should be change along with Degree every person should have his own skilled for manufacturing and Job.
    D. The Present Government has already declare hoses for every family. this is big challenges for every states the above points are also part of this declaration.
    E. How can we give good life style in every sector is the biggest challenges.
    D. When every family will carry minimum burden of Bank Loan, on that day we can say that India is a Supper Power country in the word.

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