Master Plans India does not represent any government agency, housing board or government authority. The content displayed on masterplansindia.com is solely for the information and reference purpose for the website viewers. The Logos of the various government authorities/bodies/agencies are just for the representation purposes and ease of understanding/navigation for the users and are not intended for any other purpose. The logos, graphic advertisements, master plans images, PDFs and maps are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Neither Master Plans India is nor claim to be the owner of any of such content.

Masterplansindia.com do not claim to be the official representative of any government body of any city/state or town in India. The content displayed on masterplansindia.com is being collected from various online and offline sources and efforts are made to keep the information accurate and useful for the website viewers.

The website has been created for the sole purpose of providing the information about new and upcoming housing schemes, latest housing news and master plans at the single dedicated place.

Most of the content including comments, forums topics and replies and some articles are user generated, hence no guarantee of accuracy/genuineness of the same. However, we review the user profiles and uploaded content time to time in order to keep the website spam free.

Users are also requested not to leave their personal information such as e-mail ID or phone number in the comment box in the website where it can be publicly displayed. However, the users can subscribe to the latest news/updates by just leaving their correct e-mail ID and confirming it by the confirmation link.

All of the master plans and maps on this web site have been uploaded for the ease the accessibility by the website viewers.

We try to share the latest and correct master plans, maps and other information on this website but we still do not guarantee the accuracy of content in any master plan/map or news item.

For the news items, we are dependent upon the several other news sources/public notices and hence do not take responsibility of the accuracy, genuineness of news as well.

If you have some issues with the content displayed on this website, please contact at info[@]masterplansindia.com for any clarification/suggestion/feedback.

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  1. sir,
    kya mai delhi ke bahar se dd bana ke, delhi ke branch m dda form ko submit kr sakta hu?
    demand draft ko leke kya procedure h.. aur kya protocol h..
    plz batayen..

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