Swayam Online Courses List – Complete List of Current & Upcoming Swayam Courses

November 16, 2017 | Last Modified: November 16, 2017 at 12:26 pm

Swayam Online Courses List – Central government initiative “Swayam Portal” offering number of courses in various streams and industry skills and list of courses offered under Swayam initiative can be accessed by making registration and login at Swayam Portal, swayam.gov.in. Swayam Portal has about 755 courses under 5 different categories.

Depending on the requirement and interest, learners can choose any of the course on Swayam portal. Courses being offered at swayam.gov.in, can be accessed by making registration. Registration on Swayam portal as a student can be done either by entering the the required information or through social media websites accounts such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

List of Swayam courses at www.swayam.gov.in, is divided into five categories which are listed below:

  • School
  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Undergraduate (UG)
  • Post Graduate (PG)

In UG category, the higher number of 386 courses are available following by PG category with 279 courses in different streams, School (46 Courses), Diploma (29 courses) and Certificate (15 courses).

Swayam Courses List at swayam.gov.in

Below is the table through which anyone can access the complete list of Swayam Courses in all five categories. Click at the links to access complete list of all upcoming courses under all categories / learning paths.

Category / Learning Path No. of Courses List of Specializations Swayam Upcoming Courses Swayam All Courses
School 46 Arts and Recreation, Education, Humanities, Language, Management, Mathematics, Science Upcoming Courses View All Courses
Certificate 15 Arts and Recreation, General, Language, Library, Management, Science Upcoming Courses View All Courses
Diploma 29 Arts and Recreation, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Science Upcoming Courses View All Courses
Undergraduate 386 Arts and Recreation, Education, Engineering, General, Humanities, Language, Library, Management, Mathematics, Science Upcoming Courses View All Courses
Post Graduate 279 Arts and Recreation, Commerce, Education, Engineering, Language, Library, Management, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, General Upcoming Courses View All Courses

The combined list of Swayam courses can be accessed by following the link below:

List of All Swayam Courses

Candidates can filter the swayam courses by category, current courses, past courses and all courses.

Swayam List of Faculty and Institutions

In the Swayam program, 600 faculty member and 800 universities / education institutions are playing an important role in providing free online courses across different categories / specializations. Use the links below to access the complete list of faculty members and universities / education institutions.

List of Faculty Member
List of Universities / Education Institutions

For related content such as Swayam registration and login process, list of courses under Swayam Online Education, visit the Swayam portal at https://swayam.gov.in