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July 8, 2017 | Last Modified: July 8, 2017 at 11:43 am

GST Rates Finder, a mobile application has been launched by Ministry of Finance to allow consumers verify the accurate tax rate on commodity and services under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime. (CBEC GST) GST Rates Finder Android based app is available in Google play store and it is also available on GST guide official website at cbec-gst.gov.in and the iOS version of the app is expected to be unveiled soon for users.

GST Rates Finder App

Once the consumer download GST Rates Finder in their smartphones, it would work in offline mode that means without internet. Besides, online portal for gst guide or help has also been launched to help taxpayers applicable GST rates on their supplies and the website is cbec-gst.gov.in.

Through GST Rates Finder app, taxpayer can search for applicable CGST, SGST, UTGST rate and Compensation Cess on a supply. The search can be made based on description of goods or services or HSN Chapter or section or heading number.

How to Use / Download GST Rates Finder App

The android version of GST Rates Finder mobile app is available on cbec-gst.gov.in. And user can download the app by following the link below. After downloading the app, it would work offline and you would be able to determine GST rates for a particular good or a service by entering the name or chapter heading of the commodity or service in the search box.

Download GST Rate Finder App

(CBEC GST) GST Rate Finder App

(CBEC GST) GST Rate Finder App

GST Helpline
If you have any query regarding GST, you can contact at GST helpline number at 1800-1200-232 and you can also mail your query at cbecmitra.helpdesk@cbec-gst.gov.in and for more information visit at https://cbec-gst.gov.in/