Signature City in Kanpur: KDA to Start Construction Soon

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Proposed signature city in Kanpur will soon come up with luxury hotels, flats and commercial complex. The city is proposed near Vikas Nagar bus depot and the construction work will be done by the government development body of Kanpur (Kanpur Development Authority).

Latest Update: Apply for KDA Signature City in Kanpur

The construction work of signature city have been given to Kanpur development authority. According to the information, a 9 floored hotel with 150 rooms will be constructed in the proposed city at the worth of Rs. 93 crore and around Rs. 722 crore would be spend on the construction of 1,100 units of 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK flat.

The commercial complex, based on the theme of a shopping mall, will have a restaurant and a food court. As per the information, the shopping complex will have 350 shops, two auditorium and conference room.

The complete signature city, including flats and hotels, will be constructed over the area of 68,174 square meter. The complete area of signature city has been made available to KDA by UP State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) on the basis of MoU signed between both the parties.

According to the source, the signature city will be constructed on the area of 44,450 square meter while the shopping complex and modern bus depot would be developed on the 9,021 square metre and 11,500 square metre area of land respectively.

A tender have already been issued for mega project and the construction work is expected to start in the upcoming month, the source said. Chief Engineer of KDA Sarvat Ali said that the construction company would decide the category of the proposed hotel to be developed at Vikas Nagar.


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