Rajkot Municipal Corporation to Launch Housing Scheme in Velnathpara Slum

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Rajkot Municipal Corporation is planning to launch a housing scheme to provide free housing to the people living in one of the biggest slums in Rajkot city, Velnathpara. RMC will launch the scheme under the public-private partnership (PPP) model. Under the scheme, the Velnathpara slum dwellers will get houses at the same spot where they are living at present.

RMC is in process of finalizing the agency for construction of homes for the slum dwellers and has received bidding from a few agencies. The highest received bid is Rs. 26 Crore as premium. The selected agency will demolish the slum and provide homes for free to the dwellers. The survey for the number of required housing units will be conducted once the agency is finalized.

Velnathpara is the seventh housing project for slum dwellers in the city to be built under the guidelines of the Slum Rehabilitation and Redevelopment Policy, 2013.

The housing projects under PPP model are the part of slum free city development goal of the government. The developers will have to provide 28 square metre 1BHK with toilet and other facilities for each of the housing units.

Earlier, RMC has awarded six projects of housing under PPP model in different slums areas of the city. Work has started at different sites.

About 2,000 units will be built under the seven housing schemes of PPP model.

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