PUDA Patiala Residential Plot Scheme 2015 at Nabha Road

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Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) has launched a new residential plot scheme in Patiala Nabha Road. PUDA is offering a total of 306 freehold residential plots under the scheme and the registrations are open between 12 October and 20 November 2015.

PUDA New Residential Plot Scheme 2015 in Patiala

PUDA new plot scheme in Patiala offers 306 freehold residential plots at a rate of Rs. 25,000/- per square yard. The authority is giving the possession of the plots at just 25% payment. A 5% discount is also being offered on full lump sump payment.

Check List of applicants for PUDA Patiala Residential Plot Scheme 2015:

200, 250, 300, 400 & 500 square yard plots are available under the new scheme. 250 square yard plots are highest in numbers. The authority is charging 10% of the cost of the plot as earnest money at the time of application.

Below are the complete details of the plots being offered

Location  Tentative Size of plot (Sqmt./ Sqyds.)  Number of plots available  Rate (Per sq.yd./ Per sq.mt.)  Tentative Price (in Rs)  Earnest money (in Rs.) 
NABHA ROAD, MINI SECRETARIAT, PATIALA  418/500  48 1,25,00000 12,50,000
334/400  55 25,000/- per sq. yd.

29,875/- per sq. mtr. 
1,00,00000 10,00,000
251/300  56 75,00,000 7,50,000
209/250  70 62,50,000 6,25,000
167/200  38 50,00,000 5,00,000
167/200  42 As per Actual Measurement  5,00,000
TOTAL  309

How to apply for PUDA Patiala Plot Scheme?

  1. The application form attached with the brochure alongwith self attested passport size photograph may be submitted
    to any of the branches of the banks mentioned in the brochure on page 16, either in person or by post on or before
    the closing date alongwith earnest money in the shape of crossed bank draft in favour of Estate Officer, PUDA, Patiala payable at the place /city of respective bank branches . Applications found incomplete or defective in any respect or which is not duly signed by the applicant is liable to be rejected.
  2. Applicant can apply online on PUDA’s website puda.gov.in. An applicant applying online may send the earnest
    money through RTGS / NEFT in PUDA’s account with HDFC Bank after downloading challan from PUDA’s website. The NRI applicants while remitting earnest money from outside India shall submit the amount through SWIFT. The correspondent Bank Accounts of HDFC Bank and SWIFT codes are given in the brochure. The applicant shall obtain SWIFT/UTR No. from its bank after remitting the amount and fill the SWIFT/UTR No. in the online application form before submitting the same. ONLY APPLICANTS APPLYING ONLINE MAY REMIT THE AMOUNT THROUGH SWIFT/RTGS/NEFT. If the applicant’s name is different from the name of the account holder from which SWIFT/RTGS /NEFT has been sent, the name of account holder may also be filled in /mentioned in the application form.
  3. No documents are to be submitted with the application form. However self certification in the application form is a must.
  4. If the information/documents supplied are found to be false or fabricated such allotment shall be cancelled and entire earnest money shall be forfeited alongwith institution of criminal proceedings against the applicant. Incomplete/unsigned applications will be summarily rejected without conveying reasons.
  5. Public Draw of all applications will be held in case number of applications is more than the plots available. Result of draw will be uploaded on the date mentioned in the brochure. No individual intimations will be sent to those successful in the draw.
  6. Submission of Documents: Those successful in the draw will be required to submit documents in PUDA Office, Patiala in person or through postal means by the date mentioned in the brochure. The only proof of submission shall be the receipt issued by Estate Office, PUDA, Patiala which shall be updated on the website www.puda.gov.in on daily basis. Applications for which supporting documents are not received in time will be rejected and next in the waiting list will be allotted the plot. No claims whatsoever shall be entertained later.

Eligibility Criteria

For being eligible to be considered for the allotment, the applicant should be:

  • (a) A citizen of India (Except Punjabis/Persons of Punjab origin who are settled Abroad) (Category ‘K’).
  • (b) He/She must have attained the age of majority i.e. 18 years as on date of submission of application.
  • (c) He/She or his/her spouse or any minor child (less than 18 years) does not own any residential plot/house/flat
    (except ancestral property) in Patiala‑allotted by Improvement Trust or any govt. agency in the city/town.
  • (d) The applicant under reserve category must not have availed benefit of allotment of apartment/ house / Flat under any reserved category in any scheme of any Government agency anywhere in the country.

Important Links

Scheme Brochure | Apply Online

Important Dates and Events

Scheme Opens 12 October 2015
Scheme Closes 20 November 2015
List of applicants to be displayed on the Notice Board/Website. 21 December 2015
Objections/Corrections to be intimated by applicants 28 December 2015
Display of final list of applicants 07 January 2016
Draw of lots to be held on 22 January 2016
Date of uploading the result on website 25 January 2016
Submission of documents by those successful in the draw of lots and those appearing in the waiting list 15 February 2016
LoI to be dispatched by 02 March 2016
25% of allotment price of the plot to be deposited by 04 April 2016
Scheme Advertisement
PUDA Patiala Residential Plot Scheme 2015
PUDA Patiala Residential Plot Scheme 2015 at Nabha Road – Application Started from 12 October 2015
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