Noida and Greater Noida Authority Launches Commercial Plot Scheme

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Noida and Greater Noida Authority has launched commercial schemes in the two cities for entrepreneurs and investors. The Noida Authority is offering commercial plots ranging from 80 sq metres to 372 sq metres in Noida while the Greater Noida Authority is offering shops in Kiosks in the city.

The scheme registrations will open on 25th of August and the application forms and brochures can be obtained from the designate bank branches and offices of Authority. The last date for registration for Noida scheme will be 24th November while for Greater Noida, the registrations will close on 15th September 2014.

The commercial plots in Noida are available in several already established residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors including sectors 1, 12, 16, 18 and 20. The authority is offering a total of 80 plots out of which 60 are of size less than 300 sq meter while rest 20 plots are larger than 300 sq meter of area. Plots on offer includes some unsold plots from the previous schemes.

The shops and Kiosks in sector Delta and Swarn Nagri in Greater Noida will be open for bidding.

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