Maharashtra Govt. to launch 50,000 houses under Affordable Housing Scheme 2017

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Maharashtra Government is going to launch 50,000 houses under Affordable Housing Scheme 2017 for people wishing to buy house in Mumbai. Government targeted to construct 20 lakh housing units in time period of 5 years. After completion of this housing project people disagreed to live in that houses. Out of those houses government announced 50,000 houses to be sold under Affordable Housing Scheme 2017.

Affordable Housing Scheme 2017
Houses were constructed for PAPs (Project Affected People).
Due to high cost of land in Mumbai, new houses can’t be constructed. Thus these housing units will be used to rehabilitate people.

Due to high demand for houses govt. will provide 50,000 housing units under new housing scheme in Maharashtra.
Houses will be in size of 250 sq. meter, which are located at Mumbai’s Vidya Vihar, Bhandup and Mahul & most of them are at Mahul & Trombay. Whereas houses provided under PMAY were 322 sq. feet.

23,059 houses were provided to Brihan-mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) & 24,824 units to Mumbai Metropolitan Region development Authority (MMRDA).
No house has been constructed in Mumbai or any part of this state. Thus by launching 50,000 housing units, a big relief will be given to people of the state.


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