Karanataka Rs. 5000 Scheme for Taxi/Auto Drivers, Barbers, Dhobis (Corona Lockdown)

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa announced the 1610 crore compensation plan to help people who re in distress due to coronavirus(COVID-19) lockdown. The lockdown has affected lakh of people and especially the one who is poor and earn on a daily basis. The state government of Kaenataka has decide to provide one time compensation of Rs. 5000 to auto rickshaw driver, taxi and cab driver, barbers (Nai), washermen(Dhobis) and other peoples.

Karnataka 5000 Rupees Scheme 2020 for Drivers, Barbers & Dhobi

Corona Virus lockdown has affected various service professionals such as drivers, washermen, barbers, farmers and other peoples in rural and urban both areas. All the people of the society are facing financial differences due to COVID-19lockdown. Chief Minister of Karnataka state has announced a compensation of Rs.5000 for all these people on 6 May 2020. For examples,more than 2.30 lakh barbers (Nai), 60,000 washermen (Dhobis), 7.75 lakh auto rickshaws and taxi drivers will get Rs. 5000 compensation at a time. Apart from this Rs. 25,000 per hectare compensation will be given to flower growers. Registration and application form for this scheme may be invited at state government officially website or new dedicated portal may be launched.

Karnataka Rupees 5000 Scheme Overview

An overview of Karnataka Rs.5000 scheme for Auto-rickshaw Driver, Taxi and Cab Driver, Washermen, Barbers is

Scheme Name Karnataka Rs.5000 Scheme
State Karnataka
Amount Assistance Rs.5000
Beneficiaries Washermen (Dhobis), Barbers (Nai), Auto-rickshaw Driver, Taxi and Cab Driver
Application Mode Online / offline
Scheme Announced by Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa
Date of Launch 6 may 2020
No. of Beneficiaries 60,000 washermen, 2,30,000 barbers and 7,75,000 Auto-rickshaw Driver, Taxi and Cab Driver

Eligible Candidates for Karnataka Rs.5000 Scheme

The following candidates are eligible to apply for Karnataka Rupees 5000 Scheme

  • washermen (Dhobi)
  • Barbers (Nai)
  • Auto-rickshaw Driver
  • Taxi and Cab Driver
  • Framers
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Handloom
  • Weavers
  • Flower Growers

Benefits of Karnataka Rs.5000 Compensation Scheme (Covid-19 Lockdown)

The benefits of Karnataka Rs. 5000 scheme compensation to Washermen (Dhobis), Barbers, Auto-rickshaw Driver, Taxi and Cab Drive launched by Karnataka state government are

  • Karnataka state government divlged a monetary boost handle worth Rs.1610 crore
  • As a component of bundle, the legislature has chosen to pay Rs.25,000 for each hectare up to a limit of 1 hectare
  • 60,000 washermen and 2,30,000 barbers would be given a one time payment of Rs.5000
  • 7.75 lakh Auto-rickshaw, Taxi and Cab Drives will be given Rs.5000 each as one time
  • Month fixed charges of power bills for MSMEs will be postponed for 2 months
  • Power purchasers, all things considered, would be given motivator and concessions on the off change that they cover the tab in time
  • 54,000 hand-loom weavers in the state would get Rs.2,000 each as a one-time measure
  • 15.80 lakh enlisted fabricating labourers in the state would get Rs.5000 each as a one time measure
  • To subsidize all these alleviation quantifies, the state has climbed alcohol cost by 11% with a previous hike of 6%, the all out hike on retail alcohol cost by 17%.

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