If MHADA & DDA Can! Why Can’t HUDA?

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“Having forgotten their real duty they are simply indulged in earning the interest from the money of Aam Aadmi.” – Davish

While the applicants suffer due to delay in allotment of plots, HUDA is busy making money out of the earnest money deposited by Lakhs of applicants who applied for HUDA’s residential plot schemes floated in September 2014 and earlier. Lakhs of applicants who deposited thousands of crores as earnest money have expressed their anger due to more than enough delay in allotment.

HUDA, invited applications for allotment of 449 freehold residential plots in Faridabad Sector 56-A, 283 in Palwal sector 12, 894 in Fatehabad Sector 11, 474 in Ambala Sector 27 and 617 in Taraori Sector 1 between 1st September to 10 November 2014. Lakhs of applicants applied for the plots by depositing thousands of crores as the earnest money.

While HUDA promises to announce the draw result within 6 months after the closure of the scheme, the draw takes even more time and according to the applicants, HUDA just invest the money deposited by applicants and takes huge interest from the banks. There is no other reason for the draw announcement to take this much of time.

This can be learned from other authorities who conducts the draw of such housing schemes within few days, for example, MHADA received more than 1.25 Lakh applications for allotment of 1063 homes in its lottery 2015 and announced the draw result within two weeks. Similarly, Delhi Development Authority which invited applications from across India for allotment of more than 25000 homes in its housing scheme 2014 also announced the draw result within about one month. DDA received more than 10 Lakh applications and in fact, many of the winners of DDA housing scheme 2015 have been given possession. At the same time, applicants of HUDA Fatehabad and Ambala scheme are STILL WAITING FOR THE DRAW RESULT ANNOUNCEMENT.

However, HUDA has recently announced the draw results of Palwal, Faridabad and Taraori schemes but that too after more than 6 months. HUDA also made a huge interest money from about Rs. 3500 crores deposited by the applicants of Karnal sector 32, 33 schemes for which the draw result is announced just yesterday after a wait of over 13 months.

Unfair Business by HUDA
This is unfair business done by the HUDA, such authorities are meant for the betterment and upliftment of people but they have forgotten their real duty

Below are the view of some of the applicants who applied for these schemes and suffered a lot.

“its really difficult to pay interest in wait of result..if it took 2 years then best time to run away..HUDA never worry about such things…only the applicants are waiting and worried.”

Dharam Pal
“Every draw of applied plots should be in time at any cost”

Dinesh Kumar
“Why HUDA charge 10% of the cost as earnest money from applicant. Is HUDA guessing their seriousness then it must charge at the time of applying for a plot 25%, but give all of them interest of the bank rate and not of your impractical rate. Moreover now when you crossed 6 months limit then you must directly pay accrued interest along with principle to concern Banks. Otherwise it is unfair business.”

“Simply ridiculous HUDA.
This is simply a case of deliberate delay.
These authorities were meant for the betterment and upliftment of people.
Having forgotten their real duty they are simply indulged in earning the interest from the money of Aam aadmi.

One day when complete trust on you will be gone, I ask you what will you live on then?

Its high time that these authorities not only HUDA but also NOIDA, Greater Noida and other authorities too should wake up to this call before its too late when people will no longer trust them.”

Yes, its high time that these authorities grow up and make the processes faster so that AAM AADMI doesn’t have to suffer.

If MHADA and DDA can, why can’t HUDA and why can’t other development authorities?.

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3 comments on “If MHADA & DDA Can! Why Can’t HUDA?

  1. I did posted the same question to HUDA , panchkula via harsamdhan portal of haryana government long time back. The ticket is still open and nobody care to reply or close it. I almost lost the trust of using IT system by haryana government.

  2. Dear Neeraj Ji,
    Do you know if DDA does any luck draw system for residential plots like DDA flats?

    Thanks & Regards,

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