HUDA Announces Group Housing Scheme for Urban Areas

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A group housing scheme will soon be available for various income groups and income categories of urban areas in Haryana state. According to the source, Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has made an announced of group housing scheme in a meeting held on Wednesday in Chandigarh, to provide residential plots to a targeted categories and income groups in urban areas in the state.

As per the policy of HUDA group housing scheme, the authority would be identified the plots available in Urban Estates. Of these identified group housing sites, 75% sites would be converted into new group housing schemes whereas, the remaining 25% would be used for the construction of flatted staff colonies of state or central government departments, their boards and corporations and undertakings

To avail the benefits of the policy, the member should not own any house, flat, plot in their own name or in the name of spouse or dependent children in the same urban estate. The e-auction process will be used by the authority for the sale of group housing sites in various urban estate of HUDA.

It was also decided in the meeting to give one-time relaxation to owners for obtaining occupation certificate for residential and commercial buildings across the state. A facility on the lines of the 2001 policy would be given again for residential and commercial buildings for a limited period from August 15 to December 31, 2016 as a good will gesture in the golden jubilee year of the formation of the state.

Besides this, the authority has also approved the policy guidelines for nursing home running from residential premises on 14 Marla plots in HUDA sectors where there is no provision of one Kanal plot.

Under the policy, the permission would only be granted for residential premises having a plot size of 350 square yard (14 Marla Category), located on the road having a least width of 24 meter or widest internal road of the sector.

Whereas, in case of urban estates or sectors falling in Medium and Low potential zones, permission would be granted for only those residential premises which have a minimum size of plot equal to 250 square yards (10 Marla category) and are located on roads having a width of at least 18 meters.

Apart from this, an approval was also made for converting Shop-cum-Flat (SCF) into Shop-cum-Office (SCO) in HUDA shopping centres. According to the information, around 1173 SCF sites are located in various urban estate of Huda and an amount of 190.27 crores is likely to be generated from the conversion of SCFs into SCOs.

According to the source, an efforts would also be made to increase parking space in the commercial areas of HUDA and multi storey parking may also be developed, if needed, to ensure adequate parking spaces in commercial areas.


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