How to Make Payment & Get Possession Letter of DDA Flats

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After more than 7-8 months of announcement of winners of DDA housing scheme 2014, the winners are in process of making the payment and getting the possession letters. However, many applicants have doubts or just don’t know the exact procedure to make the payment and get possession letter of flats.

Here, Mr. Ankit Kohli, a regular visitor of Master Plans India has shared the exact procedure, in fact his experience to make the payment and get possession letter. So, go through the below step by step procedure as shared by Ankit

STEP 1: I visited dda office once to collect green color forms, then i purchased stamping file from the photocopy shop outside , filled those 4 green color forms and submitted it at the collector of stamps office. The person at the counter gave me a challan and asked me to deposit stamp duty mentioned on it. i went to corporation bank east of kailash and paid the duty and got STAMP PAPER indicating duty paid. i deposited the stamp paper at collector of stamps office. Then i was given a date by collector of stamps to collect the 3 green color forms out of 4 duly stamped from them and deposit at counter no 4.At counter no 4 i got a receipt.

STEP 2: i was thinking my job is done but after a week i went to DDA office , it took me 5 hours to search my file. file means a brown color folder which has your application form and all the documents will be put in this file only. DDA officials told me the don’t have time if you want u can search here. luckily i got my file.

STEP 3: Next step was to search all the documents which we submitted at counter no 4 amongst thousands of them lying on the floor and put them in my file. I took another day almost for me to search my documents. Some people documents were missing and even torned so i saw people fighting there. DDA said that they will take time to put in file and will call us once our file is ready. I found once set of documents the same day and another set DDA official found and called me stating file is ready.

STEP 4: Now my file was ready and went to accounts dept for verification. now bio metric was to be done. i took another day when i was taken for biometric by one of the staff member who took my file to accounts dept. The staff said come later for biometric. i convinced then in whatever way i could and he allows me. there was around 20 people for bio metric that day.

STEP 5: Last step i was called next day at 2:30pm and given possession letter.

STEP 6: After 30 days i need to visit the site engineer along with Water Meter and original bill and then he will give me keys.

STEP 7: After this we need to go to DDA office MUDHUBAN CHOWK rohini and show all originals then they will give u a receipt with which you can apply for electricity meter.

STEP 8: At last you can shift in your flat.

Hope this Helps

To know the list of required documents, GO HERE

Lots of thanks to Mr. Ankit Kohli and Appreciation 🙂

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