Gurgaon Manesar Master Plan 2031 Map

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Gurgaon Manesar Master Plan 2031 contains many changes from its predecessor draft master plans of 2021 and 2025. Below is the full size of Gurgaon master plan 2031 map

Gurgaon Manesar Master Plan 2031 Map
Gurgaon Manesar Master Plan 2031 Map

Detailed land use and development facilities included in Gurgaon master plan 2031 are

  • Residential (Group Housing/Plotted)
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
    • Light Industry
    • Medium Industry
    • Heavy Industry
  • Transport and Communication
    • Railway Station and Yard Sidings
    • Bus Stand, Workhop, Parkings
    • Telephone Exchange
  • Public Utilities
    • Water Works
    • Disposal Works
    • Grid Sub Station
  • Public and Semi-Public Use
    • Mini Secretariat, Judicial Complez, Jail, Police Station and Other Institution
    • Educational, Cultural, Religious Institutions
    • Cultural Institutions like Theatre, Opera Houses etc. of Non Commercial Nature
    • Defense Land
  • Open Space
    • Sport Grounds, Stadiums, Play Gournds
    • Parks
    • Water Bodies/Lakes
  • Agricultural Zone
    • Market Garden
    • Land under Agriculture Operation where No Change of Land Use/Licence Shall be Granted
    • Forest Land
    • Dairy Farming/Gaushala
  • Special Zones
  • Natural Conservation Zone Hubs
    • Entertainment Hub, World Trade Hub, Fashion Hub

Other Legends in the master plan map

  • State Boundary
  • Municipal Corporation Boundary
  • Old Muncipal Committee Limit
  • Controlled Area Boundary
  • Village Abadi
  • Metalled Road
  • Kachcha rasta
  • National Highway
  • Railway Line
  • Metro Route
  • Water Bodies/Drain/River
  • Sector No./Density/PPH

25 comments on “Gurgaon Manesar Master Plan 2031 Map

    • Hi Vineet,

      The color map has not been made available by the Town and Country Planning Department of Haryana.
      This is all what is available right now, we will update once the colored master plan is out.


    • Yes Lalith,

      This is the master plan map for 2013 but there are still several amendments going on in the master plans of every state according to the new developments, population and urbanization. However the major layout remains the same.


  1. I have ten acre land from eight kilometres from nh-8 k her ki toll plaza. Just near to golden green golf and resort India pvt ltd. What are the possibly ist of this area in future.

  2. I want to buy a property in sector 69 but some ppl saying that area beyong southern peripheral road is not in master plan so it will take time to develop.
    Kindly tell me what’s the truth.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I wants to know the MASTER PLAN of sector 75 A plan around the HALDIRAM.
    Govind Sharma

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