CHB Allows Allottees to Sell & Transfer Property Anytime

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On Tuesday, a decision have been taken by Chandigarh Housing Board to provide a relief to CHB house owners. The CHB waived off the lock-in-condition of five year to sell and transfer property in Chandigarh. The decision would also allow the house owners to increase the rate of property in the city.

Around 50,000 dwelling units has been constructed by CHB in the city and in this decision the board included both freehold and leasehold property. Not only this, the decision would also be applicable on General-Self Financing Housing Scheme, Sector 63.

As per the decision, the allottees would also allowed to make internal changes without CHB permission but after fulfilling some conditions. Changes would be certified by qualified engineers registered with the administration and prior written consent taken from all allottees of the floors in which the dwelling unit was located were some of them. But the board would not allowed the allottees to change the exterior of the building. The decisions were taken in a high-level meeting chaired by CHB chairman Maninder Singh Bains.

According to the earlier allotment rules, CHB flats could be sold after a lock-in-period of five years from the date of physical possession of the property. In the past, the CHB had relaxed the five-year lock-in period, but later withdrew the relaxation in 2015.

However, CHB has also approved and sanctioned Rs 49.28 lakh for providing trussed shed (coverage of courtyards and stair cases) at booths for rehri market in Sector 41-A, Chandigarh, known as Krishna Market. It will be done by utilizing CHB funds at present and the same will be reimbursed by the finance department of Chandigarh administration.

Besides this, the Chandigarh Housing Board has also shortlisted the seven banks for the housing scheme of 128 two-bedroom flats in Sector 51 including SBI, Sector 9, PNB, Sector 8, Axis Bank, Sector 8, ICICI Bank, Sector 9, Allahabad Bank Sector 17, Punjab & Sind Bank, Sector 11, and IndusInd Bank Sector 8.


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