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One thought on “Aurangabad City Map

  1. Syed Mazhar Hussain

    The Development of Aurangabad are very best &Plus point for growth to India spread through out Global All Countries Joint.but all class feelings balanced in this development .like if any slum area developed through builders some numbers members but some poor & if developed flat name complex but all poor parents saved their old home & builder enjoyed through development of home in the face of Flats Complex system Builder digested more Rupees But Poor who are dark street habitual they never developed their financial growth Rupees all are poor income less so Commissioner of Municipal Aurangabad claiming the Tax On their Head smart city weight please this matter seriously as a top priority level & cliam their home tax rate @ as per they are living dark home only developed flat but their pocket never make more Rupees weight.so see the rate of tax issues of poor who only living in flat but their income no more from B.P.L. so cliam all theses types of person who are living in Aurangabad City only flat system but their income no more so as per street old city managed all claim treated home etc tax as per last 2000 Christ- 1947. if Municipal growth their finance to employed all member of home as a Govt Servant of Municipal they all pay rax as per their income but now 2017 onwards cliamincome tax for home etc .B.P.L.below poverty level Rs 600000/-per year to Rs 20000/ per year whose income they all B.P.L. as the Govt Law &Order of Central Govt of India Awas Pardhan Mantri Youjna all aurangabad fit for their home tax etc tax flat system developed is not proof of rich man flat . Awas Youjna & Builder growth Developed through his Business earn & build the Complex flats only for head hide purpises from Sun Light, Rain water safety, heat,hot, cool in the season of November – to January , Feb – May, June To October etc all season are wants home for hide head ( ser salamet tu pagedi hazaar) means Home Flats Complex is not proof of Rich Personality. recorded in Aurangabad Municipal City likely First Slum Dark Dirty Area street is Buddiline Kabadi Pura Deodi Bazar MUlmchi Bazar etc all Muslim Street are poor & dark Street Slum areas .so see the matter seriously & Tax of Municipal less in these streets. this is for your best judgement plus poin if you never justified this matter as a serious issue poor never enjoy in yiur higher high tax weight dead & Smart City never bspread as a Rose Flower but in exchanged in Acacia tress flower thorn of ACACIA TREES.


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