Andhra Pradesh YSR Rice Doorstep Delivery Scheme through PDS

Andhra Pradesh | By Rajkumar

Andhra Pradesh state government is going to launch AP YSR Rice Doorstep Delivery Scheme 2020 from 1st September 2020. The state government of Andhra Pradesh will start home delivery of high quality rice to BPL card holder under this scheme through public distribution system (PDS).

Andhra Pradesh CM Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has given direction to civil supplies department to launch the rice programme. Andhra Pradesh Civil Supplies department has presented the models of delivery vehicle and delivery bag for approval to chief Minister.The vehicles to be used in door step delivery of rice will be attached to village and ward secretaries in the state.

AP YSR Rice Doorstep Delivery Scheme 2020

AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has directed the civil supplies department to launch the programme from September 1. Andhra Pradesh government launched Rice Doorstep Delivery as a pilot project in Srikakulam district about 6 month ago and taking feedback from the locals on the experiment. Civil Supplies commissioner Kona Sasidhar said, we have readied comprehensive action plan to launch the rice doorstep delivery scheme across the Andhra Pradesh state from September. He expained that they were procuring 13370 mobile units equipped with electronic weighing machine.

The ceiled rice bags would be opened right in front of the rice scheme beneficiaries. Andhra Pradesh government will deliver the specified quota of rice to the beneficiaries in separate bags. All the rice bags would be transported from the go downs with bar coded mechanism to prevent the tampering and adulteration.

AP chief minister is very particular about deliver of quality of rice as he promised to people to revamp the entire scheme. Andhra Pradesh state government has taken enough care in procurement, distribution and delivery of rice from pilot.

The beneficiaries in Srikakulam distric who received the door delivery of rice have expressed their satisfaction about the implementation of the scheme. Sasidhar said that about 2.3 lakh metric tonnes of rice would be delivered to about 1.47 core cardholders each month.

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