Andhra Pradesh Government to Construct 4 Lakh Houses for Poor

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The state government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to introduce subsidized housing scheme to provide housing units to all at lower cost. Under the scheme the government will provide a house to allottees at the cost of Rs. 3.5 lakh. The actual cost of a unit under the scheme will be around Rs. 5.5 lakh while applicants the government will collect only Rs 3.5 lakh from each of the allottees.

The subsidized housing program of the state will cost around Rs 16,000 crore. The project under the scheme will be implemented on government land in all towns and major villages. N Chandrababu Naidu the CM of AP will make a formal announcement on the scheme soon.

According to the source, around four lakh housing units will be constructed under the scheme of which 2 lakh will be in urban area. Under the scheme the government plans to provide own houses to all the eligible families in the state before the assembly elections in 2019.

The cost of a housing unit will be recovered by the government over a period of 15 to 20 years. The government is holding meetings with public sector banks for the loan tie-up. To select the beneficiary, the officials of housing and finance departments are also finalizing the eligibility criteria.

The government plans to invite applications from all sections and the final allotment will be made based on annual income and social status.

The scheme will give priority to lower income groups and people who have already benefited from a government’s housing scheme earlier, will not avail the benefits this scheme. Due to the shortage of land in urban area, the government plans to construct apartment complexes but beneficiaries of rural area will get an independent house.

Senior official of housing department stated that more than 100 places in the state will be identified for the scheme. The housing scheme will be launched wherever government land is available. In case of non-availability, we will request the APIIC to give its land.

Housing secretary Lav Agarwal has asked leading architects to come out with their proposals to build ‘world-class’ housing complexes in urban areas. These complexes will be designed in such a way that they have all facilities including sports area, health centre, super market and parks. “The best designs will be selected by the chief minister. We are planning to avail of modern technology to expedite the construction,” said Lav Agarwal.

The NDA government’s decision to allot 1.93 lakh houses under the central housing scheme came as shot in the arm to the state government, which has decided to add another 2.5 lakh houses in the rural areas.

The Andhra Pradesh Housing Corporation has also decided to remodel the houses already constructed but not occupied due to lack of basic amenities. About 1.5 lakh houses are yet to be allotted to the beneficiaries.


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