Amaravathi Master Plan to Guide Development up to 2050

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Developed by Singapore, the master development plan of upcoming capital of state of Andhra Pradesh will guide the development of Amaravathi up to year 2050. This is the first master plan created for any city/state in India for up to year 2050.

The proposed capital Amaravathi will be built from scratch for which the master plan was being designed by Singapore Government. As per the designed master plan of Amaravathi, the capital city spans an area of 217 sq. km. between Vijayawada and Guntur towns. The city, in the master plan leverages resources of the Krishna river that flows in the region. This is the second phase of the three-phased master plan handed over by Singapore to Andhra Pradesh Government.

The last phase of the master plan of the seed capital region will be handed over on 15 June. The seed capital region will cover an area of 8 square kilometers and will be the home to the secretariat, government offices, residences of the chief minister and governor among others.

The first phase, plan of a much bigger region spread across 7,420 sq. km has already been handed over to Andhra Pradesh government on 30 March this year.

Amaravati Master Plan
Amaravati Master Plan Second Phase – Click to Enlarge

However, Hyderabad will serve as the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and separated state of Telangana till 2024. Telangana will take exclusive possession of Hyderabad in 2024 and Amaravathi will be the in-operation state capital of Andhra Pradesh.

The designed plan presents the possibility of providing up to 5.6 million jobs in the capital and serve as home to up to 13.5 million people by 2050.

Master plan of Amaravathi proposes a water network of about 80 Kilometers along the bank of river Krishna which will include central parks, island resorts, an amphitheatre, an island-themed park, and a waterfront promenade spanning 35km. Walkways, local waterways and cycle tracks run along the riverfront.

Master plan has also been designed in a way to promote eco friendly applications. 21% of the total area will be used for green network. The plan also promotes the use of public transport.

Talking about the road network, the master plan proposes a road network of up to 938km including 127km of expressways and semi-expressways. A bus rapid transit system, which can eventually be upgraded to mass rapid transit network with four lines spanning 135km, is also proposed. A transport hub will be located in the capital’s north-east.

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