5 Lakh Poor Will Get Houses Under Bakshi Talab Yojana in UP

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Bakshi Talab Yojana: New housing scheme planned by Uttar Pradesh Awas Vikas Parishad to benefited 5 poor. It is the first ambitious housing scheme located at Sitapur and the construction work of the scheme will be started in the month of April 2017.

According to the information received from the source, 1 lakh house are proposed for Sitapur Road area under Bakshi Talab Yojana. For around, 4000 acres land will be acquired form the farmers of the area through an agreement.

The source informed that if problems were occurred during the acquisition of land through agreement then the land will be acquired by the legal process under the ACT-27. However the compensation in the both the cases will be same.

The authorities are considering on the work of constructing houses and around 5 lakh people will be benefited through this scheme.

The source informed that not a single awas yojana in located at Sitapur Road due to which private builder are facing problems in providing basic facilities to the beneficiaries.

Locations of Houses under Bakshi Talab Yojana
Arjunpur, Kamlapur, Siraha, Chandpur, Kanpur, Tikari, Devari, Bargnani kala, Behad Karondi, Bannor, Mandoli, Rampur Behda, Shivpuri and Madaripuri:

Source: https://www.patrika.com/news/lucknow/awas-vikas-to-start-scheme-for-1-lakh-flats-in-april-1519137/

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