4,300 Homes For Urban Poor in Dimapur Under PM Awas Yojna

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Housing for All by 2022: It is a good news for the urban poor of Dimapur. On Saturday, Maongwati Aier, Secretary of Municipal Affair informed the media about the scheme of for urban poor in Dimapur. In his statement he said that about 4,300 houses would be provided to urban poor and slum dwellers of Dimapur at affordable price and the construction of these project would begin within a few months.

The houses under the scheme would be provided to people under the three categories-1.poor people who do not have land, 2.people who have land but cannot build a house and 3.people who have land with thatched house but cannot afford a modern house.

Mr. Aier said that to identify the urban poor and slum dweller, the Dimapur Municipal Council would take a survey by the next week. It was also informed by the authority that the key and patta of the newly constructed houses would hand over to women instead of man to avoid anomalies.

According to the source, the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) scheme would be also launched in Dimapur from December. Under AMRUT, the facilities like underground drainage, sewerage system and water supply would be available in all 23 wards of Dimapur.

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