MHADA Lottery 2016: 2,500 Applications Rejected for Various Reasons

February 2, 2016 | Last Modified: February 2, 2016 at 1:22 pm

Till January 2016, around 1,03,979 registrations have been received Maharashtra Housing Area Development Authority for MHADA Lottery 2016 for 4275 flats in Virar, Thane, Mira road and Vengurla by Konkan Board. Of total around 2400 application have been rejected for various reasons.

According to the source, 1,000 have been rejected by MHADA, as the applicants had submitted their forms with selfies instead of pasting their passport-sized photographs. And around 450 people pasted image of cars, dogs and idols apart from their own passport-size photographs.

Apart from photograph error, the applicants has also made an errors in their account details. According to the data revealed by MHADA, 888 applicants disqualified because of some error in their Permanent Account Number card and 531 are rejected due to insufficient bank details.

The official of Konkan Board MHADA said in his statement that we have rejected the registrations of 1,482 applicants because of the error in their photographs. We have close to 1,000 applications where applicants have put their selfie in the online application forms, which, according to the rules, is not acceptable. There are certain rules that applicants need to follow for the verification of MHADA officials and also bank officials if the individual will be opting for a home loan. Pasting selfies instead of their original picture is something new this year. We also have close to 450 rejected applicants who have put pictures of their cars, dogs and idols of God.

Though his may sound amusing, the selfie syndrome is a serious disease that has to be tackled. According to Dr Sagar Mundada, president of Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (Mard), “Nowadays people are forgetting a formal approach for a serious matter and this completely shows that people are taking the issue of housing very casually. How alcohol can be addictive for a few, selfies is also an addiction for people. One of the reasons for this is the penetration and growing influence of technology and social media, which could force people to develop such behaviour. I have worked on patients where one could not complete his or her day without clicking 10-15 selfies in a day and uploading them on social media. It all depends on the individual’s willpower whether to get influenced or not.”

The registration for MHADA lottery 2016 will be closed on 9 February 2016, from today only a week is left to participate in the scheme. The lottery of 4275 flats of MHADA will be held on 24 February 2016.