Meghalaya Affordable Housing Scheme to Provide 10,000 Houses

November 19, 2016 | Last Modified: November 19, 2016 at 3:41 pm

The state government of Meghalaya is planning for a new affordable housing scheme for the people of the state. The scheme is named as Meghalaya Affordable Housing Scheme for which the government has created all the guidelines and sent the scheme to the Planning Department for necessary approvals.

Housing Minister in charge Zenith Sangma said that the proposed scheme will have two components and 100 per cent assistance will be provided to those who will use roofing materials under the scheme.

Besides this, several other criteria for constructing a house under the scheme.

According to the source, government is planning to construct 10,000 houses across the state. Under the scheme 25% of total cost of houses to the beneficiaries from EWS (economical weaker section) and for remaining 75%, loan will be provided to the beneficiary.

Th implementation process will be done in both urban and rural area for which necessary fund will be provided by the government to beneficiary for constructing houses on their land.

The government might also consider the idea of constructing a cluster residential complex in Shillong under the proposed scheme.