How to Surrender a DDA Flat of 2014 Housing Scheme

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    While DDA is organizing the document verification camps for Rohini, Narela and rest of the locations, many applicants wish to surrender their flats be[See the full post at: How to Surrender a DDA Flat of 2014 Housing Scheme]

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    i have an allotment in Narela, but am in two minds if i should take it or surrender. in general, are these priced below the market? is this considered a good investment? what is the expert opinion?

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    Hi Anand,

    Following is the link to a video which could probably answer your question. Please watch it:

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    am the one of person from unsecsefull applicants scheme 2014 , if possible to dda give chance for surrender flats.


    Ravi -8882007385

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    Hi Anand,
    In which sector have you been alloted a flat ?


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    varinder singh

    Hi Anand,
    I am also going to cancel my Flat. Can you provide me which document should be attached in original. e.g NOC from bank & Acknowledgment slip of DDA

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    I have been allotted LIG Flat Sector G 2, Pocket 2, Fourth Floor, in Narela. I am yet to accept it as I am not able to decide. Is it worth buying the flat? Please help.
    Advance thanks.

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    I followed the procedures to surrender my allotment as explained here. When I went there, I saw it pasted on a pillar near the counters asking us to attach a cancelled bank cheque also, which is not included in the procedures above. I had to go back to my home to take that. It became too late to return as my house is 20 km away. So, I had to go next day to surrender. I would request the readers not to forget the cancelled bank cheque. I was also asked to paste a revenue stamp on the reverse of the acknowledge foil of your application, and sign on it. My application was offline.

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    i surrendered my flat on 1 dec 2014, there is no such formality as u described. they just asked write an application attach relevant document and submit it to the counter and take a receipt.

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    I have also got allotment in narela sector g2 block f1. If anybody knows how is this place. should i opt it or not? I have gone through the verification of documents but now if I surrender what should be the formalities to be performed.

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    Hi, Could anybody can give surrender application format please….Very urgent plz share.

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    Sachin Sharma

    Good morning friends,
    I had surrendered my Flat on 15th Jan, 2015; I’m yet to receive the refund.
    Has anyone who’ve surrendered his flat also facing the same delay in their refund?
    I’d financed my application fee from PNB and yesterday I received a letter that states that DDA will not refund till it has NOC from bank. Bank has asked for Rs 1 lakh for issuing NOC.
    Why DDA is not refunding the application fee?
    This is cheating on part of Bank and DDA, both are earning interest on our amount.

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    Has someone got registration amount refunded?
    DDA has not refunded the amount yet!!!
    Please call me: 07206579080

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    Has anybody recieved the refund of registration money. DDA is not providing any timeline for refund and sitting over our hard earned money.

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    Dr. H.S. Kathait

    Dda is making fool of the people to enjoy the interest money from the deposits. It has been more than three and a half months since I surrendered my flat. I surrendered as per their coundellers advise. An applcation with bank details, noc of bank, address proof/id, form ackn in original.

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    Dr. H.S. Kathait

    The counseller did not said anything abt crossed cheche or stamp etc. I even showed him all d documents before submitting.

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    Dr. H.S. Kathait

    I saw in dda website that their is some multipurpose surrender form to be filled. Wt is this? No uniform and clear inform provived by dda. Good for them to create confusion so that no body is able to submit the correct set of documents and the matter gets delayed and they can enjoy on interst of oir hard earned moneym

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    Dr. H.S. Kathait

    No letter till date from dda either to refund money or to ask for any additional document if required.

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    if any one want to surrender the flat what time is fixed for surrender @ amount

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    Even I have also not received my refund. I am thinking of filing an FIR or RTI

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    Hi…Has anyone received the surrender amount from DDA till yet. I have surrender the flat along with supportive documents on 20 Jan 15, but till now no response/update from DDA there on it….. It’s been said/inform that it will take 1 month of time…but seems struggling….for this as well. Anyone who can share his/her views in lieu of same….

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    Have you received the surrender value/amount from DDA.

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    Sachin Sharma

    I’ve received my refund of EMD after surrendering of DDA flat.
    It took around 15-20 days after doing the formalities.
    The documents required for the surrender of flat are:-
    1. Acknowledgement slip of the DDA application form. It needs to have a revenue stamp of Rs 1.00 pasted at back side.
    2. Original canceled chequeleaf mentioning account of the applicant.
    3. A request letter for the surrender of the flat.
    These are the required documents. The applicant should be present so that if any signature is required, it can be done on the spot.

    Rest NOC etc from the Bank is not at all required. This is smart play by the Bank to close its liability.

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    Seems to be a lucky person as you get your EMD amount refund only in 15-20 days.
    Wherein, we have requested 2 months ago. I think ..may be they have started the initiative now to refund money ..those who have given application for surrender.
    Any other person…who have received the EMD money…

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    DDA recently organized a camp in vikas sadan for those who have surrendere their flats and are yet to receive refund.
    Contact: +917206579080

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    When they have organized this camp? They have not shared any update over this.
    How come people come to know for that. Vikas – Is this still being organized for couple of days ahead or….

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    Sunil kumar

    I have applied for surrender in time,visited DDA for progress,they asked about application form receipt.but I had applied,I had submitted print out of email receiving .i had applied again in Jan.and got receipt.till date,I have not received my money.

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    any body know me about the camp organized by DDA for refund for application money against surrender of flats

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    I got the refund in a week. However, I submit the application/request on 20 Jan 15 and Struggling for the refund amount. I make the visit again at DDA, Vikas Sadan office and got a chance to meet Deputy Director at 3rd Floor. He told me to submit the application at his desk with supportive documents that i even already submitted in past at counter 4. I submit the documents again to him…and he in turn assure me to get the refund amount in 1 week. Finally, the amount is directly credited to my a/c in 4 days and i am too much happy. I thereby suggest to all please don’t wait for DDA to answer on your previous dated submission letter/documents..just go to DDA and instead of submitting the documents at counter 4 …make them directly submit at 3rd Floor DDA, Deputy Director…
    Hope this feedback from me ..will help lot of peoples who are still waiting for their refund amount till day….

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    sunil Kumar

    Dear Sir,
    Pl. inform about list of document submitted to Deputy Director.
    Sunil Kumar

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    In my case I have given –
    Application for flat surrender
    Self attested ID & Address proof
    One Cancelled Cheque
    Acknowledgement/Counter Foil slip or copy if submitted earlier
    Copy of Demand Letter i.e. downloaded from DDA website
    Copy of Bank NOC letter for loan closure
    copy of bank passbook (Cancelled cheque a/c)
    Copy of Form that was received at the time of Verification campaign

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    Dr. H.S. Kathait

    From the example of Mr Nitesh, it is amply clear that dda is not going to refund the money after surrender on its own easily. One will have to meet Dep Director Housing eith copy of all documents. I called on customer care of dda and the person also told me to meet Dep Director on 3rd floor b block of vikas sadan on monday, Tuesday or Thursday after 2 pm.

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    That’s correct. Pls meet Deputy Director at your earliest and get your refund back.

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    Dr. H.S. Kathait

    I met some Mr Harish in Dda depty director office ion 3rd floor on 1st june. He took my bank details from cheque and entered them in his computer records. He assured that money will be transfered in the account within 1 week. I said when should I come if money is not refunded in 1 week. He assured that no need of that as money will surely be refunded within a week.
    Now it is 9th june but still no sign of refund. Abhi aur dhakke khane padenge. Shame on DDA.

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    DDA is very lax in its working. They are simply harassing people for no reason. For me, its been 6 months since I surrendered the flat. They obviously had invested this money to make more money. When you call them, they make excuses. Last month also, they organized a camp for people who had surrendered their flats but had not received the refund. I gave every detail during the camp. Still, no refund till now. I have come to know that we have to meet Mr. Harish in DDA Vikas Sadan to get the refund. Bloody hell. When we were to meet him, why they organized that drama last month? Actually, I think DDA is not under CM Kejriwal. That is why they are working like this without any fear of consequences.
    I am going to see Mr. Harish tomorrow. I am giving some information as well for the benefit of visitors of this website.

    1. Days of public dealing in DDA Vikas Sadan: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
    2. Timings: After 2:30 P.M
    3. If you want to know the status of your application, Call: 011-24661768
    4. Official land line number of Mr. Harish (Though no one picks it): 011-24661825

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    O.P. Bhodia

    I want a dda flat. someone interested to sell a dda flat

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    DDA is highly irresponsible govt. organization. I met several people in DDA office who told me that they had come from various states. The reason they had come to the office was that their money while tried by DDA to deposit in their respective accounts was returned by the bank. One guy told me that he had been to DDA office 4 times already. He gave every possible detail to them but still no refund. He came to know that they had omitted “0” preceding his account number and that’s why money could not be deposited. What a shame!! Can you expect such childish mistakes from them? Its time to revolt.

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    Dr. H.S. Kathait

    Today got my refund in account, 15days after meeting deputy director dda. Relieved of the dda’ s horror show. All well that ends well.Got refund after 6 months of surrender.

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    That’s how these authorities work 🙂 Happy for you.

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    Dr. H.S. Kathait

    I met the counselers of DDA and enquired about the process of surrendering the flat. As per his advise i compiled all the documents and surrendered the flat on 8th january 2015. He did not told me to submit cancelled cheque. I waited for DDA’s communication for almost 5 and half months as I knew that inspite of DDA’s tall claims it will take many months. From this site I got the clue to meet Dep dir dda. Met him on 1st june 15. He told me that no bank details have been submitted. I told him that all the detailsvwere clearly written on my covering application at time of surrender and counseler had not told me to submit the crossed cheque. After entering all details in his comp he assured of refund in 1 week which was not to be. I again met him after 10 days . He sent me to account section where I was told that they have not recieved any list for refund. I again met dep dir and he insisted that he has sent the list contaning my name to accountts. This time instead of meeting account officer I directly met the data entry opertor/assist of account section who toldvthat the name has been sent to the bank for refund transfer. I personally checked my details on his computer. Ultimately got refund on 15th june. My advice is to always insist the official to check and verify yourself. Hope it helps other refund aspirants.

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    Thank You Dr. Kathait for sharing your experience and this very valuable information, really very much appreciated.

    Will be publishing it soon as a separate post.


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    Dr. H.S. Kathait

    Thanx Neeraj.

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    What a shame DDA!!! What are hell are they doing? What are they being paid for? For harassing people? I tell you every govt dept should be privatized. Only then they will learn to work properly. All they wait eagerly for their salary and do nothing. Bloody DDA.

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    Got my refund finally.

    DDA had been a nightmare.

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    Sanjay Kumar

    Hi All i got a flats in narela and i done my all payment but still i did not take possession or dont sign any agreement so can i surrender it now because i am facing some financial problem now can some one help me is it possible now??

    Call me @ 9990852085


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    Mohit Khandelwal

    Dear Friends,

    Still I am confused to keep my allotment of DDA in Rohini Sector-34.
    Please provide your suggestions.
    In case if I surrender than how much money they will refund.
    Thanks in advance.


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    sunil kumar

    I have nt got demand letter yet……I want to surrender my flat…..and want back my money my alloteed flat at siraspur i have not got any further information about my flat since january when i submitted my all documents for verification

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    Dear Friends

    I am alotted DDA Flat in Sector G2, Narela and I have made all the required payments to DDA but haven’t got the PoSSesion Letter from DDA. Now due to financial problem I want to cancel orsurrender my flat. Can I do that? If yes, will i get any refund from DDA. IF no, is there any help you can provide.

    Thanks in advancce.

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    hi sir am kalpana allotee of housing scheme 2014. mujhe mere DDA flat ki key MIL chuki h pr ab m is flat ko surrender krna chahti hu kuki ye flats mere according muje fit nhi horha. pls mujhe btaye kya m isko Surrender krti hu to mujhe kitna paisa refund hoga. M 824000 Rupee jma krchuki hu or surrender krne pr mujhe kitna deduct hokr milega.

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