How to Make Payment & Get Possession Letter of DDA Flats

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    After more than 7-8 months of announcement of winners of DDA housing scheme 2014, the winners are in process of making the payment and getting the pos[See the full post at: How to Make Payment & Get Possession Letter of DDA Flats]

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    I have done till grade 2. Now for #3 how should i initiate the process? DDA has not mentioned anything on the receipt like come and search your documents on following day. With whome i should plead that, sir most humbly and respectfully please allow me a day out as peon at your grand office?

    What is the correct process? DDA must have rule to send intimation for such important work. They are sitting on our hard earned lakhs of money for months and making us do the peon job. Simply idiotic they are in handling the process. It seems some complain need to be fired towards them with competent authority.

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    Hi all,

    I got my biometric done today [ I had submitted sales agreement month before on counter 4]

    I am clueless what to do next. DDA people told me to wait for a month for anotherletter

    but I know there letter will never come


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    vimal srivastava

    SLite Change in Steps

    STEP 6: After 30 days ( i visited after 15 days & my documents were there) i need to visit the site engineer along with Water Meter and original bill ( certificate which comes with water meter )and then he will Not give me keys but a document in 2 copy) which you need to take to DDA office Madhuvan Chouk).

    STEP 7: After this we need to go to DDA office MUDHUBAN CHOWK pitampura and show all originals then they will give u a receipt , go back to the site with this receipt & then they will give you possession with all fitting & fixture & & JE Electrical will give you another document which will be handover of electric points & will be required to get electric connection.

    STEP 8: At last you can shift in your flat.

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      Thanks Vimal for clarifying the steps, very much appreciated.

      Thanks a lot once again.

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    vimal srivastava

    I got possession finally in Narela G2. Thanks to Masterplan India for this fantastic help.

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      Congratulations… 🙂

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      Congrats Vimal ji..

      have you shift to flat ? or any idea how many peoples are living there currently. i too got flat there,

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    After how many days of bio metric u get the possession letter??

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    sunil kumar

    I haven’t got my demand letter till date

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    Lovely Kumar

    Dear Sir ,

    I got possession letter of LIG flat in sector 34 Rohini. Now please tell me where is site engineer office please ??

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    Hi Friends,

    As many of you have already got possessions, please share if site engineer can be found any day mon-sat 10-5 timing. Hope they are not having special time which leads to watage of time on a unpaid leave. DDD is allowing only 3 days and that too for 2.5 hour which is really impractical. Please reply I got possession letter today after much struggle.

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      Hi all,

      I completed the bio metrics in the month of july, 2015 for Rohini sector 35 LIC flat, but still have not received the possession letter. They said that they will be sending it by speed post, should I wait or collect it from DDA office.

      Warm Regards,

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        Hi Amit,

        I hope you are telling about second bio metric post payment and submission of all documents. If so then please don’t waste time, They never a sent anything by post except the demand letter in January to me.
        Go and find the people responsible to your area and get it done. You need all you documents signed by two officers before a possession letter copy from that will be given to you.

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    Hi All,

    Can anyone please answer below queries.

    1. Where is site engineer office for Rohini sector 34 flats.
    2. Which water meter is good as per the Delhi jal board specification and from where I can get that, as I am currently residing outside delhi.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hi All,

    Please suggest for the following query
    1. What is the Locking period for DDA flat for SC quota people.
    As genarl there is 5 years constraints for Sale.


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    Please suggest what is the locking time for SC People for DDA flat, as general there is 5 years locking period for Sale.

    I came to know from some source locking period for Sale of DDA flat for SC is 14 years.
    Please suggest


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    Hi everyone.
    . I hv got dda flat in 2014 n for this on oct. 2015 I had to pay 1766144 but i paid only 880000 so now i have a question that what amount of interest i hv to pay like acc. To dda amount is 1929134 with full amount interest. So should I less the paid amount n or not????

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    vikas singh

    Hi brother,
    Can U help me about what is Tr-6 Doc n how to use it for dda.

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    vikas singh

    MAy i know ? What is Tr-6 Form and how to use it??????

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