Patna to Spread 1,167 sq km in New Master Plan

July 26, 2014 | Last Modified: December 15, 2016 at 12:37 pm

Patna, the capital city of Bihar is all set to get its new master plan for the next 20 years. As reported by Telegraph India, the state cabinet has approved the plan area of the Patna master plan which is expected to be made public within next 1-2 weeks.

In the new master plan, the city plan area has been increased by more than 4 times. The city will now be spread over an area of approximately 1,167 square kilometers in comparison with the existing 250 square kilometers. The plan would be first put publicly for a period of 60 days for receiving the comments/suggestions from the residents of the city. After that the plan will again be reviewed and will be presented to the state cabinet again for approval.

Below are some of the highlights of the new Patna master plan

  • Residential, commercial, mixed land use, industrial, public- semi public uses, urban agriculture zones and no development are the 7 proposed zones in the new master plan.
  • The proposed Patna metropolitan region would stretch from Ganga in the north to Punpun in the south and Fatuha in east to Bihta in the west.
  • Two satellite townships in the city will be developed to cater to the rapid urbanization and population growth.
  • The proposed Patna Metropolitan Region (PMR) would incorporate Khusraupur, Maner, Phulwarisharif, Punpun, Bihta, Danapur, Khagaul, Daniyawan, Masaurhi, Naubatpur, Danaura, Fatuha and Sampatchak blocks.
  • 60% of the urban area will be used for the developments while the rest 40% will be kept open/green.
  • Out of the total designated development urban area, about 50% will be used for residential developments and rest for setting up the commercial infrastructure, buildings for industrial/manufacturing sector, transport infrastructure, public and semi-public buildings and space for recreational purpose.
  • 15, 24, 30, 45 and 60 meters are the 5 proposed widths of the roads in and around the city.
  • A total of around 90 square kilometer will be used for developing the road network alone.
  • A new airport near Punpun in southern Patna will be developed along with the airport city.
  • 13 blocks spread over 5 local urban bodies comprises the new plan area.

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This topic contains 16 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by  Azim 7 months, 1 week ago.

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  • #78969 Reply


    The new look master plan seems good but the minimum width of road shaould be 20ft. instead of 15ft. Also instead of stretching upto Bihta, the masterplan should cover Maner as it’s a historical and tourist place also and within the patna distt. In future if Metro connects it, it will be a boon for Bihar Tourism.

  • #78970 Reply

    Arvind Kumar Singh

    Punpun is not suitable for airport because
    1. Aprox.5 to 6 km south from punpun river and aprox.8 to 10 km east from Punpun railway line is down and flooded area, thus construction of Runway and airport city will be costly or may be beyond economical construction.
    2. A large number of elctrical cables are passing through this area from Gourichak NTPC plant.To destroy and rehanging of this electrical cables will take more area to reach thier original place from Gourichak plant.Rework on above elctrical supply line is costly as wel as time and money loss of our nation.
    However, if this area is necessary then,
    1. South of proposed State Highway (aprox. 5 to 6 km south from Punpun rirer) to east of Patna-Gaya railwayline is suitable.(high area, thus economical)
    2. From Punpun railway station 3 to 4 km east ( aprox. 1.5 km south from Punpun river) and 6 to 7 km towards south is suitable by shifting the above said electrical cable of NTPC via north and south of said area and also by shifting proposed state highway towards south.
    3.The HATHITAL area may be selected for this. This area is west side of Patna Gaya higway via Gourichak.

  • #78971 Reply

    Manoj Kumar

    Dear Azim , You are wrongly informed that in new master plan the road width will be 15 feet. Its not 15 feet but its 15 meters ( approx more than 47 feet ).

  • #78972 Reply

    kundan kumar

    i think according to master plan of patna punpun is suitable for new air port because bihta sermera and bhudha circuit road is playing very crucial role for bhudhist tourist for both bodh gaya and nalanda.

  • #78973 Reply

    Ajit Raj

    I think near pahari area is most suitable for Patna airport because punpun is at large distance from new patna and also from most government offices.

  • #78974 Reply

    Shashi Bhushan kumar

    Hi Every one,
    It is show good to hear the new plan of patna. But i think it is tough to implement and maintain, for this we need to change our mindset. I think the airport plan is good.

  • #78975 Reply


    Yes Shashi, Its difficult to implement and maintain but it is not impossible, it requires discipline, dedication and of course as you said changed mindset.

  • #78976 Reply

    Sanjeev Kumar

    Could someone let me know if the New Airport in Punpun has been decided or still is in consideration.

  • #78977 Reply


    very good idea of airport near masaurhi because 4 lane sarmera to bihta will help for easy traveling.

  • #78978 Reply


    Hi everyone these all plans sucks as they are all fake promises by the political idiots they will never let it happen as it require huge investments which our great politican don’t promote in reality.

  • #78979 Reply

    Abhineet singh

    A/c to new masterplan i think the new airport will not suitable in punpun because punpun is flooded area and ntpc wire tower is passed from there its makes high cost of airport

  • #78980 Reply

    divyanshu ranjan

    well.before planning.we should throw light on drainage system and wastes managment system.of whole existing patna.then we should plan for road and street in greater patna with proper santitation and waste doest matter that how large patna will it matters we should look for beautification and public facilities for every part of patna.

  • #78981 Reply

    m s alam

    Funny plan just delaying all the projects of state in the name of master plan. Bihar is very unfortunate that no leader is honest . finish your idiotic master plan soon and let the work progress. We are not getting home due to your fancy dream project which is bound to fail

  • #78982 Reply

    Ranjit rathod

    Before this master plan first old Patna should be developed in all the field like..transport,proper roads,city buses and all the drainage should be cleaned… until this happens there’s no use of such plans..n our great bully political idiots are not going to happen…

  • #78983 Reply

    shashikant nilesh

    These all things are rumour I don’t think Patna may develop to such extent.

  • #78984 Reply

    Dheeraj Kumar

    the maner bihta area is most big area in patna master palan so the maner is very histrical place and bihta is education place in patna bihar

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